Andreas Stokke

I'm a senior lecturer in philosophy at the Department of Philosophy, Uppsala University. I'm also an associate member of the LanCog Research Group, University of Lisbon.

Previously, I was a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy, Umeå University, a postdoc at LanCog, and a postdoc at the CSMN, University of Oslo. I did my PhD at Arché, University of St Andrews. My supervisors were Herman Cappelen and François Recanati.

My work is mostly in philosophy of language but also extends to other areas. Information about my research can be found on my research page.

From 2022 to 2024 I will be engaged in the research project Exploring the Shadowlands: Towards an Understanding of the Interaction between Fiction and Non-Fiction, funded by the Swedish Research Council.

I also maintain an ever growing collection of quotations.
(Disclaimer: To quote is not to endorse.)


Andreas Stokke
Uppsala University
Department of Philosophy
Box 627
75126 Uppsala


(+46) (0)722159003